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Proudly Presenting TKPS Robotics' Team


The pupils’ faces spelt fatigue, complete exhaustion in fact, but bliss and definite sense of accomplishment when they remotely controlled their sumo-robot the umpteenth time to win the ‘Sumo Legged Push Out’ event, the ‘Mega Sumo 3Kg’ event and the ‘Lego Line Follower’ event at the International Robot Olympiad 2015 (IROC) in Wuhan, China in August.


Not only did the group of 10 P4 and P5 pupils took a clean sweep of Gold, Silver and Bronze at the ‘Sumo Legged Push Out’ event, they also went on to clinch Silver at the other 2 events at the Olympiad, participated by about 800 pupils from all parts of China.


Our pupils, who were talent-spotted by the IROC organisers (China) when they were competing in another International Robotics competition in Jakarta, Indonesia in June this year, impressed the organisers with their ability to independently build and programme their robots to complete missions. The school was invited to represent Singapore for IROC in Wuhan from 13 to 18 Aug as a result.


Accompanied by equally excited and supportive parents, the 10 pupils (3 P5 and 7 P4 pupils) from the school’s Robotics’ Club, a CCA the school is very proud of, the team set off for China with learning hearts and humble minds. The experience turned out to be a total eye-opener for all the pupils and chaperons, Mr Reza who is the Master Teacher in-charge of the CCA, and VP Mdm Chua. Not only did game rules changed due to various misunderstandings that arise from the difference in culture, the pupils had to adapt to playing in front of an intimidating, large crowd. Besides picking up lots of life-skills such as adaptability, interpersonal, independence and thinking-on-the-feet, the pupils also learned to communicate more effectively in their Chinese mother-tongue. The pupils also got used to the rice and spicy dishes they had for lunch, and the yoghurt drink which the Chinese called ‘sour milk, at the end of the trip.


The flight home was eventful, with pupils having to force open their luggage to remove the batteries in their torch lights, the long wait to enter the check-in area before the counters open for check-in, and the challenge to stay awake when the plane touched ground at 2am on 19 Aug. All were worth it when the pupils saw their parents lining the arrival gate with banners ‘Our Champions’, flowers, cards, and with cameras clicking away as they embraced their children’s safe return. Medals aside, it is the life-long learning experience and the friendships fostered that are so valuable and memorable. We proudly present to you, our winning Robotics team!