School Mass Dance

(As part of 90th Anniversary Celebration)

To further enhance the festive atmosphere of our 90th anniversary celebrations, the idea of having a mass dance that unites all staff and pupils as one family, was conceptualised. A mass dance committee was formed to decide on the song(s) and choreography. Comprising of a medley of traditional songs representing the different races was chosen. These songs were carefully selected to ensure that positive values like care, resilience, respect and harmony were espoused and in alignment with our school values. 

Mr Robin Lim took charge of the choreography. The overall dance sequence was made simple yet fun and catchy enough for all to follow. Student leaders were trained and practice sessions were conducted so that the pupils were able to master the steps and lead the school in the dance. Mass dance session were held every Friday to keep up the celebratory atmosphere, and unite the school in dance.