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International Students


Studying abroad is likely to be an exciting, enriching and fulfilling experience. But initially at least, it may also feel daunting and at times overwhelming.


New international students have to adapt to a new place, new culture and perhaps a new language, all at the same time.


The programs in the school are designed to make the study-abroad experience as easy and enjoyable as possible, from application all the way through to graduation. A need analysis of every child was conducted to understand the needs of all the international students before crafting the programs for them.


Orientation Programs


The first few weeks of being an international student are likely to be the most obviously overwhelming. There’s so much to take in, so many new places and people, and it can take a while to find your feet.


This time is usually filled with an international student orientation program, designed to provide practical support and information, and also to encourage international students to get to know one another.


Ongoing support


Of course, the first few days are not the only time international students need support. Providing support is an ongoing process. Their teachers and peers ensures that their stay in Singapore is a pleasant experience.


Fun and games


Not all support services are about fixing problems; many simply aim to ensure all students enjoy their time at school and have a fulfilling experience. All international students’ takes part in the programs conducted for them by the school especially in the celebration of all the core events. They participated in a cooking competition in the recent International Friendship Day. International Students paired with their local peers to cook a storm. The activity was meant to build stronger bonds between the local and the international students.