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1.     Telok Kurau Primary School will function as a single session in 2020.


        The daily curriculum timings are as follows:





0730 – 1330


0730 – 1330


0730 – 1330


0730 – 1330


0730 – 1330



2.     All pupils must be ready for assembly by 7.30 a.m.


3.     Having a good breakfast is important. Do ensure your child has a good breakfast either at home or in school. Canteen stalls are open for breakfast from 6.45 a.m. to 7.30 a.m.


4.     Please help us ensure your child is appropriately dressed in the prescribed school attire including clean school socks and shoes. Modifications to the school uniform are NOT allowed. 


5.     Do help us to help your child. Check this Handbook regularly for details of homework, school activities and other announcements.


6.     From time to time, notes and other announcements will be given to

your child. Do take time to read these and respond where necessary.


7.     Parents are should not enter the classrooms. If you wish to see your child’s teacher, please make an appointment and meet him / her in the General Office.


8.     Parents / Visitors entering the school are to register at the security post before proceeding to the General Office.


9.     In the event of an emergency or when a pupil is not well, the teacher will give the parents/guardians a call. It is important for parents to give teachers the correct telephone numbers so that they can be contacted expediently.


10.    Parents must inform the Vice-Principal(s) or Form Teacher(s) if they wish to take their children home early because of an illness or other urgent matters. Parents must sign the “Pupils Leaving Early” book in the General Office.


11.    Parents can write notes to the teachers in the Pupil’s Handbook. Other ways of communicating includes the telephone / facsimile / email, as well as personal visits.


        School number           :       6244 1600

        Facsimile                   :       6244 2182 

        Email                        :       telokkuraups@moe.edu.sg/

                                               Teacher’s email address


       We strongly encourage parents/ guardians to download the communication app, SNAAPP, from the App store (Apple) or Play Store (Android). It would enable prompt and regular communication between you and the school. Messages will also be sent from the school time to time via SNAAPP. 


12.    Parents of international pupils who wish to terminate their children’s schooling must give one month’s notice to the Principal and settle all school fees before leaving school.


13.    For more information on the school, parents can log onto the school’s website at https://www. telokkuraupri.moe.edu.sg.