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Maths Parents Workshop



Mathematics Workshops for Parents


The Mathematics Department conducted two workshops for parents this term. The workshops were aimed to expose and explain to parents the various teaching strategies used in solving Mathematics problems. These included the use of model drawing and various other heuristics such as Supposition, Listing, Looking for a Pattern and many others.


The workshops were designed to showcase the spiral approach in the Mathematics curriculum and one of its main objectives was to give parents an idea of the difficulty level from Primary 1 to Primary 6.


Parents were also provided with an insight on how to prepare their children for their journey in Mathematics in the primary school and were thus enlightened with the different methods to help their children develop the concept of numeracy and eventually handle problem sums using the different heuristics.


The presenters demonstrated effective ways to help parents guide their children with the different strategies taught in the Mathematics classroom.


Session 3 on Advanced Model Drawing will be held on 3 July 2015.


Here is some feedback from parents……


Session 1 Model Drawing – 10 April 2015


Understand model drawing better

Wish the workshop was longer and there are more such sessions

Feel more confident to help my child



Teachers giving examples on the use of model drawing.




Parents engaged in solving problem sums



Session 2 Heuristics – 24 April 2015


Very useful…

Can relate to the work that my child has to go through.

Able to teach my child in order to have clearer understanding in solving the problems



“Listing’….quick and easy…just two steps!




“Look for a Pattern’….can you spot it?




Sharing tips on how to use different strategies to derive at the answer

using ‘Listing’ and ‘Find the pattern’. 



Mathematics Workshop for Parents : Session 3


The Mathematics Department conducted the final workshop for parents this term. The workshop focused on model drawing and visualization skills.


Visualization is the ability to see and understand a problem situation. This skill was introduced to parents to show them how visual exploration in math helps children discover their own route to solving problems.


Visualizing a situation or an object involves “mentally manipulating various alternatives for solving a problem related to a situation or object without benefit of concrete manipulatives” (MOE, 2001, p. 51).These skills are very useful when pupils solve questions on topics such as angles and composite figures. 


Model drawing was also shared and  it was aimed to guide parents on more advanced model drawing skills that can be used in various topics such as Ratio, Percentage and Fractions. This method also uses visual skills of picturing a situation before solving it.


Some feedback from parents after the workshop

Will definitely useful to train my kids at home. Very useful tips.

Yes, models and the visualisations are effective.

Different methods to solve problem sums.




Mathemania – Mathematics Games Room


Let’s Have Fun With Math


The Mathematics Games Room was officially opened by Mrs Wong, our Principal, in Term 3 week 2. This room is special as it solely promotes activities and games for our pupils to inculcate in them the love for Math. The room is filled with puzzles, Sudoku, chess, board games, math magazines and iPads with more than six Math app games downloaded for pupils to enjoy. These games are designed to help pupils to think critically, creatively and logically…..while having FUN.


Our Parent Volunteers are active members who come in without fail to run the games room. Their dedication and efforts to assist in running this Math room is amicable.



Its fun…team effort in action..


..strategic thinking …what should be my next move?