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Primary 3 Digital Art Programme

To expose our pupils to different art forms, all primary 3 pupils had 8 sessions of digital art programme. In conjunction with TKPS’s 90th anniversary, they created digital art pieces based on the theme “TKPS Celebrates” using the Adobe Ideas application.  

Before the stylisation process on Adobe Ideas, pupils took photographs of items or objects in school that had sentimental value to them. They applied photography techniques such as “rule of thirds”, “leading lines” and the different type of angles – low eye level and high angle to create a more dynamic photograph.   

Pupils were also introduced to different types of art styles – Cubism (Picasso), Impressionism (Van Gogh) and Pop Art (Keith Haring). They studied the respective artist’s art process and replicated their style on their artwork using layering and digital painting.  

Through the digital art programme, pupils gained more confidence in their art-making as they were able to draft and revise their artwork easily with the Adobe Ideas application.


Samples of Pupils' Art Work


Primary 5 Pottery Class

Pottery is one of the key art programmes for Primary 5 pupils. There are benefits to introducing pottery to our pupils other than just an exposure to a new art form. Pottery class can improve children’s psycho-motor skills by giving them the chance to engage their arm and hand muscles as well as improving their hand-eye coordination.  As they learn how to manipulate the clay, they will discover that their hands can be powerful tools to transform lumps of clay into creative art works. 

The beaming smile on a child’s face after creating a small vessel in pottery class is impossible to ignore. The vessel might be lopsided and only painted on one side, but the child has accomplished something unique and is proud of it. Pottery class can improve self-esteem because children have control over their projects and can see the result of their efforts. 

In the eight-lesson pottery module, the Primary 5 pupils learnt the coiling and pinching method to create vessel as well as Richie figurine. In the Richie figurine project, the pupils also learnt about body proportions and different postures of a bear. The final project was a group project whereby each group created an eight inch Richie bear celebrating our school’s 90th Anniversary. As in all group work, the pupils learnt to listen respectfully to one another’s idea and come to a decision the final design for their Richie bear. 

The Primary 5 pupils were very creative and they created Richie bears celebrating TKPS 90th Anniversary in different postures. The Richie bears were displayed at the school’s Art Gallery, Express Soul. 


Samples of Pupils' Art Work