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City In The Forest

Name: Phoebe Lee
Class: 5 Harmony
 Title: Forest in The City
A long time ago, there was a lunatic doctor who wanted to destroy all the trees on Earth. He had strange acid in his body to help him carry out this task, and the acid was also the cause of his craziness. Fortunately, one brave man saved the Earth and defeated the doctor forever. That Dr Green then plunged into the soil and disappeared.
However, the acid in his body did not. The plants all absorbed the acid, but nothing happened. The acid needed a long time to take effect, as the modern generation would soon find out...
There was a particularly special girl named Rachel Krist, who was an intelligent ten-year-old girl who lived in the big city. She was good in almost everything. Her flaw was imagination. She seldom had any creative ideas, but she still was very hardworking.

One fine afternoon, things began to happen. Firstly, a deafening cracking sound was heard in the middle of the main road. Rachel was on her way home after school that day. She stood her ground fearlessly, wondering what had happened.

Then, trees started to shoot out from the road. They were huge! Lush green bushes surrounded the overgrown trees. In no time at all, a dense forest was growing! Rachel felt a bit frightened and amazed.
Soon after that, a team called ‘P.L.A.N.T.’ arrived.
One giant of a man said, “Have no fear, the Plants, Leaves And eNvironment Team has come to exterminate this threat!”
Unfortunately (or fortunately), P.L.A.N.T. couldn’t even put one foot inside the forest. There was a magical barrier protecting it. Just as well. P.L.A.N.T. was not a very good business anyway.
So all this time, little Rachel was solving science questions in her head. ‘How did those trees grow above the concrete? Why did it grow here? What is so secret about it that has to be guarded by a barrier?’
The girl suddenly had the urge to walk towards the overgrown forest, like she was drawn by its immense power. Everyone stared at her. ‘What was this child thinking?”
Rachel kept on walking, ignoring the gasps and looks that went her way. Members from P.LA.N.T. kept shouting to her not to do it, as the magical barrier would hurt her.
The little girl was determined, and when she touched the barrier, it flickered and Rachel was able to pass, without even a tiny bruise. P.L.A.N.T. and the watching people were dumbfounded. What just happened?!
Meanwhile, the brave girl had discovered beautiful new species of animals, from golden Leocks to a rainbow Flutterby. The sky inside the forest was different too. It was emerald-green in colour. Rachel was itching to find out more.
Suddenly, the sky became golden and the trees turned to a rich dark purple. A majestic creature then descended from the sky. It had a wolf’s head with charming blue eyes, two graceful wings, and a slender silver body. All the creatures bowed before it.
“Welcome, young master. I am the ShineLord,” boomed the king.
Rachel was awed by this Lord and her voice shook.
“Hello ShineLord. Why do you call me young master?” Rachel wanted to know.
ShineLord tossed his silver head and spoke. Rachel found out that it was her ancestor that defeated the doctor and it was Dr Green’s acid that made the plants mutant. The animals drank the acid water too.
“So,” ShineLord continued, “We have come to the place where the younger generation lives. You must find a way to suck out the acid. If not, my kingdom will not survive.
Rachel thought long and hard and decided to train her imagination. She thought of similar stories like this and remembered the tubes which were used to suck out acid. Finally, she made a plan.
All of the creatures in the forest helped Rachel to build the Acid Tuber, as it was called, and the ShineLord gave most of the guidance and instructions. After a few days, the Acid Tuber was completed. Rachel had been treated very well, with Manglup berries, Infedil drinks and a lush leaf bed, but the time had come.
Rachel used the Acid Tuber and took aim at the heart of the forest, then BOOM. A muffled explosion was heard. As more acid filled up the Acid Tuber, the creatures rose up into the sky and disappeared. ShineLord bade goodbye to Rachel, and left her a small gift, then flew up and vanished forever.
“Hey that was cool, kid. How did you do that?!” one P.L.A.N.T. member asked.
Rachel had come out of the forest and was known as ‘the brave heroine’. She had done it! She had driven away the ‘threat’. But Rachel was thinking that they weren’t bad. They treated her so well. Then, she looked at what ShineLord had given her.
It was an exquisite little ring, and had a brilliant sapphire stone set in the heart of it. It was magic and could grow to perfectly fit Rachel’s finger. Also, once a year, on that day and month, Rachel could use the ring to wish a wish. A wish upon a forest. (She could wish for P.L.A.N.T. to be better, anyhow!)