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Forest In The City

Name: Jasmine Loh
Class: 5 Harmony

“Mommmmm” I screamed. My voice echoed down the hallway. I was dreaming about my Mom again. She had died two years ago in a car accident.  My Dad came running into my room and said, “Christine, you’re dreaming about your Mom again huh? I do too but I don’t scream as crazy as you.” he teased me.

I giggled softly under my Mom’s soft quilt. Soon, I went back to my own comfortable bed.

The rise of the radiant sun casts an amber colour over the horizon which shows the dawn of a brand new day. It was 6.45 a.m. but I just could not sleep. I really missed my Mom so I went to her favourite place in the garden, the garden. Somehow, I just could not figure out why she loves the garden as it is such a wreck. Seriously, the whole house is a wreck so Dad is going to renovate the whole house and tear down the garden and build a new wing in the house. Although, the garden is in such a wreck but somehow each time I go in the garden, I always feel a tingly feeling on my fingers something like fairy dust as my Mom used to say. She always believed in fairies and told me stories about her adventures with them but she never revealed the whereabouts of the gate to the other world. I was always curious about everything and pestered Mom every other day about the whereabouts of the other world.

As I went in the entrance of the garden, I felt the exact same thing but stronger somehow I felt that I was about to discover something but I just don’t know what. Our garden was so big that I haven’t had enough time to explore and it was also because the moment I went in the garden I went out as it was such a mess. This time, I saw a mysterious hand pushing me to the back where I saw a beautiful oak tree. It was so beautiful that I stood there staring for a few moments.

The tree had a thousand different shades of green, brown and even a tinge of purple. All the leaves were different shapes and sizes and all glittered in the sunlight. It was as if the tree was alive and moving under the wind. I saw a swing and I had the urge to swing on it. I sat on it, it was exactly the same as the one me and my Mom sat on before she died. I swung higher and higher with every push. For some reason, I felt my Mom pushing me at the back.

Suddenly, I felt someone carrying me. I turned to the back and saw Mom. She was an angel and she was beautiful with long golden hair, a white flowing dress and white wings complete with a halo. I wanted to say something but I could only hug her. She did not say anything and carried me to a place.

That place was downright messy. Trees were trampled on, flowers were plucked by the dozens. There were giant footprints everywhere and all the water were drained out. I heard a stifle of surprise and a shout, “A human.”

I turned around in surprise and saw an ogre. I screamed till I was sure my lungs would come out.

“Shhhhh!” she whispered.

She introduced herself as fairy queen and told me that this place is the fairy world or the forest. After hearing this, I burst into laughter. “Such an ugly creature, a fairy. Such an ugly place, the fairy world.” I thought to myself. She also said that she and this place looked like this because of a monster that has been going around.

She took me aside and told me her name, Sandra, and gave me a stone. To me, it looked like an ordinary stone but according to her it was not. It was supposed to be a wishing stone. She begged me to wish for the monster to go away and this place to return to normal. I thought why couldn’t she do it and she replied that only humans could do it. The last time, it was Mom who did it but now that she has……

At that point of time, I knew that I could wish for my mother back. I was fighting with the thought of getting my mother back and clearing up this place my mother brought me. Somehow, when my mother brought me here, I think she thought that I could do it but I couldn’t. I felt a sense of responsibility but I really missed Mom. I was in a dilemma as to what to do. Finally, I knew what to do. I decided since Mom brought me here, I have to do what she says. She believed I could do it so I mustn’t disappoint her. I am going to wish for everything to be back to normal. “I wish for everything to turn back and that monster to go away” I whispered.

For a minute or two, nothing happened. After that, something magical happened. The fairy queen changed into a beautiful lady. The other ogres changed into ladies too. The forest changed into a beautiful land complete with roses, tiger lilies, carnations and lilies. Most importantly, there was a giant oak tree with a swing. After I saw this, I knew what to do. I sat on the swing and swung myself higher and higher.

The next thing I knew, I was back at home in the garden. However, now that I look at it, the garden looks kind of nice. It looks wild and is like a lion prowling across the jungle. When, I looked at my neck, I saw a garland of a thousand leaves which represents the oak tree. I lay down on the grass which covers the garden. After this incident, the garden doesn’t seem so stranger anymore. Sometimes, when I look at the sun, I swear I can see a cloud in the shape of an angel. She always seems to be waving. I know that she has gone to a better place and doesn’t want me to worry about her.

After this, I persuaded Dad to not renovate the house as I am very attached to the forest and guess what he agreed. I think I am very selfish as I kept thinking and missing Mom and did not quite care about Dad’s feelings. After this, I promise I will change for the better.

But if I miss Mom, I can always go to Mom’s favourite place, the evergreen forest. This will always be my forest in the city.