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Mother Tongue Language Fortnight 2015


The first part of the event kick-start on Week 10 Term 1 and was filled with a fun-filled line-up of activities. Malay Language pupils from across the level got a chance to learn various interesting aspects of the language through games and activities based on legends and folklores. Activities such as language quizzes, in class activities and short skit performances performed were just to name a few. In all, these activities provided an alternative platform in inculcating the love for the Malay language and culture in our pupils. 


P6 pupils in a quiz based on the folklore “Bawang Putih Bawang Merah”


Congratulations to the winners pf the P5  Puteri Gunung Ledang quiz


Relay the Message Game for the P2 pupils

Budding P3 actors performing a skit on The Attack of Swordfish