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1.     CCA is an important part of the holistic development of a TKPS pupil. All P3 to P6 pupils are encouraged to take up a CCA and commit to the CCA for at least a year.

2.     All P6 pupils are expected to continue with their CCA until the end of the first semester. They are not allowed to take up a new CCA unless special permission is given.

3.     P2 students can sign up for the CCA Exposure Module (CEM) in Term 3. The CEM allows students an opportunity to try out a few CCAs that they might be interested in, before making a commitment in P3.

4.     Pupils who wish to withdraw from their CCA (due to valid reasons), need to first seek permission of the CCA teacher (Overall-In-Charge) before filling up the Opt-out form.

5.     All requests for change of CCA are subjected to approval.

6.     Pupils should take up a second CCA only if:

(i)    they have good attendance records in their current CCA

(ii)   parental permission has been given

(iii)  there is a place in the CCA and the teacher-in-charge accepts the pupil

(iv)  the two CCA times do not conflict

(v)   it does not negatively affect studies

7.     Pupils are strongly discouraged to take up a third or more CCA.

8.     All members must attend their training sessions regularly. A minimum of 70% attendance/term is required or they will be dropped from the CCA. A warning letter (to inform the parents) will be issued by the CCA teachers to members missing 2 sessions in a term without a valid reason. Such members who miss subsequent sessions will be removed (removal form to be issued by the CCA teacher) from the CCA and parents will have to write in if they wish to appeal.

9.     Proper attire is expected for members attending CCA sessions.

10.   All P4 to P6 CCA members who demonstrate excellence in their CCA are eligible to be nominated for the EAGLES Award.