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International Students

The International Students Programme (ISP) in TKPS is designed to make the experience of adapting to a new environment as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The ISP serves as a platform for the international students to bond and strengthen relationships with the local students
and better understand the local norms.

The first week of school is likely to be the most exciting for students. Even more so for new students, as there would be so much to take in , especially in a new environment. The allocation of a buddy to each international student at this juncture aims to provide practical support and information while encouraging them to better get to know their new friends of varying cultures and ethnicities.

All international students take part in the programmes and activities conducted for them by the school especially in the celebration of all core
events. Their participation will help to build strong bonds between them  and the local students.

Acclimatisation Programmes

At TKPS, a platter of acclimatisation programmes are designed to provide the necessary support, information and most importantly, encourage international students to get to know one another better. The programmes are carefully and creatively crafted to meet the needs of the
international students from the various levels.