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The school rules and code of conduct are constantly reinforced through the use of the 3 'P's in addressing the pupil.




  • Pupils are to be punctual for both morning and weekly assembly
  • All P1 – P3 pupils should be seated in the school hall and all P4 – P6 pupils are to proceed to the at the ground floor of the Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) before 7.30 a.m.
  • Please ensure that your child has a storybook with him / her everyday.
  • Pupils are required to assemble punctually at designated areas immediately after the ‘end-of-recess’ bell has rung.
  • Punctuality includes timely completion of homework, assignments, projects and any other given tasks within the stipulated time frame.
  • Pupils are to report for all CCA, remedial, enrichment and any other school activities on time.








  • Pupils must remain silent in any assembly area (e.g. School Hall, ISH Foyer, Quadrangle).


  • Pupils who are Singapore Citizens are required to sing the National Anthem and recite the National Pledge (with the right fist placed over the heart) daily during assembly.


  • Pupils are also required to recite the Students’ Pledge daily during assembly.


  • Pupils should be courteous and respectful towards school staff and student leaders at all times. Greeting of school staff and listening attentively to instructions by teachers and student leaders are some of the ways to show respect.  


  • Pupils must be respectful towards one another’s race, culture, tradition and religion. Sensitivity to one another’s social background should be shown. 


  • Pupils must show care when interacting and playing with their schoolmates.  Any conflict or disagreement should be resolved amicably and referred to teachers if necessary.


  • Integrity is highly valued. Any items or valuables found should be immediately returned to the General Office.


  • Pupils should be responsible for taking care of their belongings and ensuring that their belongings are within sight or in proper care when they carry out their activities within the school compound.


  • Pupils must obey all school signs and ensure that the school is kept clean and tidy at all times.


  • Pupils should be aware of the offences in the Offences List and ensure that they do not commit them. They should report any forms of improper behaviour or offences committed by other students to their teachers or any staff of the school immediately. 


  • In preparation for lessons, pupils must bring the required books and stationery to school. On the other hand, bags should be checked and packed accordingly every day to avoid bringing unnecessary items to school. This would prevent problems such as poor posture caused by heavy school bags.


  • Proper behaviour must be practised at all times both in school and outside school.  Pupils must always uphold the good name of the school.



  • Pupils are to wear the prescribed school uniform. Modification to the uniform is strictly NOT allowed.


  • Only white school shoes are to be worn in school.  Clean white socks / approved school socks should be worn at all times.  Coloured socks and socks that do not cover the ankle ball are strictly NOT allowed.
  • Fingernails must be kept short and neat.  Nail polish is strictly NOT allowed. 


  • Facial make-up is strictly NOT allowed.


  • Boys should be clean-shaven.


  • Jewellery and accessories apart from watches are strictly NOT allowed. Girls may wear stud earrings (silver or white gold) only. Earrings are not allowed.


  • P1-3 pupils may wear their PE shorts throughout the day they have a PE lesson. All P4-6 pupils will wear PE shorts only during PE lessons and are expected to change back into their school shorts or skirts after that.



  • Boys: Clean school T-shirt with nametag sewn (above the school crest) and shorts constitute the proper uniform for boys. T-shirts should be TUCKED IN.

    PE shorts can be worn by P1-P3 pupils only on days when there is PE lesson. 

  • Girls: Clean school T-shirt with nametag sewn (above the school crest) and knee-length skirt / culottes constitute the proper uniform for girls. T-shirts should be TUCKED IN.



  • Boys: Hair should be kept short and neat. It should not be in contact with the collar or cover any part of the eyebrows or ears. Hair gel should only be used for keeping a neat hairstyle. Spiky hairdo, colouring of hair and other non-conventional hairstyles are strictly NOT allowed. 


  • Girls: Shoulder-length hair should be tied neatly with a black or dark blue hair band.  No other brightly coloured or non-conventional accessories are to be used.  Long hair should be neatly tied up.  There should not be any fringes covering part of the eyebrows, eyes, or ears. Colouring of hair and bizarre hairdos are strictly NOT allowed.