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What We

Stand For

School Philosophy

Committed to providing an all-round education in a caring environment aimed at bringing out the best in each and every child

Our Mission

To nurture our pupils to be Value-centred Individuals and Life-long Learners

Our Vision

A Caring School that Strives for Excellence

School Operating Principle

1.  School is Safe
2. Learning is Fun
3. Character Comes First
4. Catch Them Doing Right
5. Teachers as Curriculum Leaders


1. The letter T in the middle of the logo represents TKPS.


2. The T extends with a circle to show a physically and mentally active team constantly and eagerly seeking for knowledge.

logo_swoosh.gif 3. The progress of TKPS is depicted by the swoosh and the circle.Pointing to the sky, this symbol indicates that TKPS is moving ahead to a higher level of education.
logo_3lines.gif 4. The growing three lines show a growing school constantly improving and upgrading to achieve better success.
logo_circle.gif 5. All of the above elements are within a circle which represents a learning and nurturing environment with a stable and solid foundation
logocolor.gif 6. Blue represents discipline and stability. Yellow representscreativity, interest and youth. White represents equality and honesty.

TKPS Core Values


Respect - is to value and show consideration to self and others
Responsibility - is to know and do what is expected of me
- is to have courage and not give up in the face of challenges
- is to stand for and do what is right
- is to think of others before self and show concern for others.
- is to form and nurture a good relationship with others regardless of individual background