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Alternative Assessment Mode

Alternative Assessment


Maths Performance Task

 Primary 1 –Primary 3 Performance Task





Science Practical Test




Malay Language - Performance Tasks


Art & Music


The arts assessment focuses on two broad goals. The first goal is to develop pupils’ ability to communicate their thoughts, ideas and feelings through visual and performing arts. The second goal is to identify pupils’ needs and strengths so as to design and select appropriate teaching strategies and educational programmes.  Pupils are given feedback on their artwork and performances to help them close their learning gaps before the summative assessment. Peer assessment and self-assessment are also introduced to activate pupils as learning resources for one another and as owners of their learning. Based on these assessment data, pupils are developed according to their abilities and aptitude for the arts.


Assessment criteria for Art

1. Use of Medium to create the artworks

2. Application of Elements of Art and/or Principles of Design

3. Overall Presentation of the artwork


Assessment criteria for Music

1. Accuracy of the notes and rhythm played

2. Tone quality of the instruments played

3. Ensemble playing – Ability to work in groups to present a cohesive performance


Grading system

A - Meet all the assessment criteria proficiently

B - Meet at least 2 of the 3 assessment criteria

C - Meet at least 1 of the 3 assessment criteria

Pupils engaged in art and music activities