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Caring and


Feature of Mr Jonathan in STAR Publication

Staff Award 2015


External Award


1. National Day Commendation Award


2. Arif Budiman Award (Motivation Category)



MOE Service Excellence Award 2015




Internal Award


1. Outstanding Contribution Award


i) Individual Category



ii) Team Category


Envisioning Exercise Team


 NDP 2015 Team


The Critical Reading for Understanding Package Team


2. A4Health Award


i) A4Health Bronze Award (No MC for the whole year)



 ii) A4Health Silver Award (No MC for two consecutive years)



iii) A4Health Gold Award (No MC for three to four consecutive years)




TKPS Long Service Awards


i) Five Years



 ii) Ten Years


iii) Twenty-five Years




Staff Meeting 2015

Teachers at the year-end staff meeting 2015 



The teachers figuring out how to build a trebuchet



The year-end staff meeting which was held in December 2015 aims to provide an opportunity to share professional matters pertaining to teaching. We have also injected an element of fun in the programme for the day.


For the second segment of the programme, teachers participated in a series of team building activities. They worked together with colleagues whom they would be working with for the new academic year, 2016. Groups of teachers needed to solve problems in a fun and creative way. For example, they built a trebuchet so that a ball can be shot from it to hit a target. In another group activity, “Zoom”, the teachers also learned more about the importance of group dynamics and effective communication.


The school constantly provides opportunities for teachers to be engaged in fun activities so as to build camaraderie amongst teachers. This camaraderie enables synergy to take place during collaborations amongst teachers, thus leading to more effectiveness and efficiency in their work.



In Education..

  In education, our teachers are the most important asset we have. To prepare our pupils for the future,our teachers are encouraged to keep abreast with the changes and to constantly upgrade themselves. In TKPS, we hope to provide a working and learning environment that promotes personal growth for every staff.

TKPS provides opportunities for staff to come together to work in Professional Learning Communities so as to tap on the collective wisdom of the group. Teachers are encouraged to go on Teacher Work Attachment beyond school environment to learn and broaden their perspective.

In TKPS, our teachers will continue to learn and pass on the love of learning to our pupils