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Shanghai & Hangzhou China Immersion Programme

18th - 23rd May 2017 (6 days 5 nights)

A group of 5 teachers and 32 students went on an immersion programme to Shanghai and Hangzhou, China.

Throughout the trip, our students developed more awareness and sensitivities for other cultures. They were also exposed to China’s culture and language over the 6 days, thereby helping them to appreciate the differences between Singapore and China. The trip also strengthened their understanding of the relationship between Singapore and China.

All teachers and students found this trip to be very meaningful and enjoyable. Hopefully this will only be the start of our students’ journey in learning more about the Chinese culture!


Penang Cultural Immersion Trip


Telok Kurau Primary School Primary 5 Students Learn Chinese Culture Through Exposure To Peranakan Culture Beyond The Confines Of The Conventional Classroom


34 Primary 5 students and 4 teachers travelled to Penang at the end of May in 2014 to learn more about Peranakan culture.  They also had the opportunity to visit S. J. K. (C) Kwang Hwa School, a well-reputed primary school in Penang, fostering understanding and friendship between students of the two nations. To our teachers and students, this overseas experience has increased their knowledge of the world beyond Singapore. Some students acknowledged that they are now more aware of the way of life of people from another country, while others reflected that this overseas experience has increased their sense of belonging to Singapore. It was indeed a fruitful learning experience for all of them. 




Overseas Values In Action 2013 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.


      In November 2013, from the 5th till 9th, 30 selected Primary 5 students, embarked on another Overseas In Action (OVIA). The 30 students were specially selected after a vigorous interview and strong recommendations by their teachers.


      The objectives of the trip were as follows:

  1. To imbue in pupils the values of compassion, care, respect and responsibility through serving the community beyond shores.
  2. To enable pupils to put into practice the SE skills they have learnt by providing opportunities for life applications.


      What we did there? We spent 2 full days in a less privileged school interacting, taught the students there simple English, play games, painting murals on the walls of a kindergarten classroom and even the wall of the wash basin was decorated and the 7 steps of washing hands poster pasted on the wall.


      We also went to an orphanage where the students interacted with them through drawing activities and tying of the friendship band. Here, the students showed off their talent by putting up a singing and dance item.


      The students were also brought to Chu Chi Tunnel where they learnt more about the Vietnam War.


      Indeed, students and teachers learnt so much through this invaluable trip.


                                                                    OVIA 2013

                                  Beyond Shores – We will be there for you.




Cultural Immersion Programme Yogyakarta, Indonesia


(4 DAYS / 3 NIGHTS) 25 – 28 JUNE 2013


A group of 4 teachers and 30 pupils from Primary 4 and 5 went on a Cultural Immersion Programme to Yogyakarta, Indonesia, between 25 and 28 June 2013.  Yogyakarta was chosen as an ideal destination primarily due to its rich tradition and historical background. 


Teachers and pupils had the opportunity to experience an enriching cultural experience throughout their stay which included the following:


  • A visit to a batik-making studio and learning in-depth how to draw and produce their own batik;
  • Taking a jeep ride around the scenic Mount Merapi and appreciating nature concurrently;
  • Interacting with pupils from a local elementary school and engaging in various traditional games;
  • Experiencing a first-hand experience of how a Kraton (Sultan’s palace) looks like from the inside while learning about the palace’s historical background and
  • Watching a Wayang Kulit performance at Kaliopak Village River Restaurant and having had the opportunity to see what goes behind the scene


Teachers and pupils found the trip to be meaningful and they certainly gained a better understanding and insight on the history of Yogyakarta altogether.





Cambodia Service Learning Project 2008


TelokKurauPrimary School is a Caring School That Strives for Excellence. We believe that care is an important value that we seek to inculcate in our pupils and staff. Care can be defined in many ways and takes many forms, and one of this manifestations is to care for others who are less fortunate than ourselves. On 9th November,  34 pupils from Primary 4 to Primary 6 and 6 teachers embarked on an overseas service-learning journey to Siem Reap, Cambodia. The title of this project is “Brightening Lives @ Yeang Primary School”, this being the target rural primary school that we wished to help.


During the time that we were there, we managed to accomplish the following :



     1.         Donation of children’s clothes, bags, stationery items and books.

     2.         Setting up of a library corner.

     3.         Replacing a broken roof of an outdoor classroom with a new one.

     4.         Painted one side of a school block with a bright new coat of paint.

     5.         Engaged the pupils in various teaching and learning activities on English through art, music and games.


it was an overall successful and fulfilling undertaking for our pupils and teachers alike. We hope that we had at least brought some brightness for those pupils there at Yeang and look forward to another visit there again in 2009!